The Parkdale Theatre opened in the spring of 1920. It was built by cinema chain moguls, Jay and Jule Allen. The building was designed by Detroit’s finest movie palace architect, C. Howard Crane. The theatre’s interior was opulent, with an expansive ornate plaster ceiling, gilded details, crystal chandeliers, and more than 1500 luxurious leather seats.
The neighborhood became known as the working man’s Riviera and was an entertainment destination for Torontonians because of its many live music halls and theatres, as well as its proximity to Sunnyside amusement park and the beach. Sadly, The Park dale Theatre closed in the summer of 1970.
This was not the end for the this impressive building. It has been occupied by numerous tenants since 1970 adding even more color to this unique property's history.

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At Parkdale Hall, we want to work with individuals & organizations who challenge us. We want to facilitate Grand Events. The main room of Parkdale Hall exudes elegance and charm from days gone by. It stands the test of time, a glamorous backdrop to any event.

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